Setra LITE™ Construction Kit

  • Portable Pressure Box
  • Inside of Portable Pressure Box
  • Portable Pressure Box Case

The LITE Construction Kit provides everything you need to monitor spaces around on-site construction or fume extraction. Simply place the kit outside the work area and run the tubing inside to set up continuous readings and alarming. With the LITE Construction Kit you can have confidence that the surrounding areas are remaining safe and clean.

Rugged Construction
  • Water and dustproof protective case
  • Custom padded interior with high-impact foam
  • Metal roll bars protect a durable status readout screen
  • Sturdy handle for easy transportation
  • Lockable case design
  • Clean Room Construction Sites
  • Hospital Remodel or Expansion Projects
  • Pressurized Temporary Enclosures and Structures
  • Fume Extraction or Air Filtered Areas