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The Setra Systems 3301 & 3501 Series Particle Counter measures 0.3 μm to 25.0 μm through a long life laser diode and a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) with external vacuum source (by others) that pulls greater than >15” of Hg.

Easy to configure and with user configurable alarm light, this stainless-steel particle counter monitors 4 user-selectable size channels to allow for continuous monitoring of particulates in your critical environment.

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Product Description

The 3301 and 3501 particle counters provide a range of particle size measurement from 0.3 or 0.5 to 25.0 μm at a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM). These sensors allow for efficient particle counting with specifications that exceed the ISO 21501-4 and JIS B9921 calibration standards.

These sensors have 4 fixed particle size channels and are equipped with an integral critical orifice and flow sensor to provide a stable flow rate from an external vacuum source. Integration into a building automation or facility monitoring system is easy via isolated RS-485 Modbus communication.

Features & Benefits
  • 3301: Measures 0.3 μm to 25.0 μm
  • 3501: Measures 0.5 μm to 25.0 μm
  • 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) flow rate
  • Long life laser diode technology
  • Measures up to 4 channels of simultaneous data
  • Particle concentrations up to 15,000,000 Particles/ft³ @ 10% coincidence loss
  • Internal critical orifice
  • Connect using Modbus RTU/ASCII over isolated RS-485
  • Complies with ISO 21501-4 and JIS B9921 standards
  • Easy to clean and wipe down with minimal particle traps
  • Versatile mounting options
  • User configurable alarm light
  • LED Indicators
  • Seamless integration into a facility monitoring system
  • Lightweight stainless steel enclosure
  • 2 year warranty. Extended warranties available



SPC3301P & SPC3501P