Model 231


Wet-to-Wet Differential, Multi-Configurable Pressure Transducer

Product Overview

Setra's Model 231 is a multi-configurable, wet-to-wet differential pressure transducer offering the user an all-in-one device with field selectable pressure ranges and analog outputs.  The device is offered with an optional 3 or 5 valve machined brass manifold for ease of installation and maintenance.  The 231 has a robust NEMA 4 enclosure with an LCD display and a hinged, captive cover allowing for easy access to switches for adjusting the range and output. 

Field Selectable Pressure Ranges - The 231 offers 8 field selectable pressure ranges that can be changed using a slide switch, eliminating the risk of ordering the wrong range or improperly installing the unit.  The multi-range functionality allows the user to hold less inventory and add additional flexibility in the field.

Quick & Simple Installation - The 231 provides the user with an optional 3 or 5 valve machined brass manifold which can save money on installation and maintenance.  The single piece construction of the brass body has no internal process connections, eliminating the risk of internal leaks.

Robust Enclosure for Difficult Applications - The 231 NEMA 4 housing offers an optional LCD display for instant indication of high, low and differential pressure readings.  A hinged enclosure makes it suitable for harsh environments and saves the hassle of misplacing it when completing a difficult installation.

Product Specifications

  • 4 Field Selectable Outputs
  • 8 Field Selectable Pressure Ranges
  • Field Accessible Push-Button Zero and Remote Zero
  • Hinged COver
  • Optional 3-Valve or 5-Valve Manifold
  • Optional LCD Display
  • All Cast Aluminum, NEMA4 Rated Housing
  • CE & RoHS Compliant