Model 205



Product Overview

Setra's Model 205 is a high accuracy transducer for measuring gauge, absolute and compound pressure offering superior performance at an affordable price.  Its single piece machined capacitance sensor enables accuracies up to 0.073% FS giving the 205 superior linearity to competitive sensors that use two-piece welded sensing elements.  The 205's compact design offers customers a space saving solution for measuring pressure in Test & Measurement applications.  The 205 has standard pressure ranges from 25 PSI to 5000 PSI to cover the most common pressure sensing applications.

Why was the Model 205 Discontinued? - The Model 205 pressure transducer required a few updates to meet the new CE requirements that included RoHS directive standards.  Rather than recreate the Model 205, Setra has two alternatives that will meet all the requirements in the Model ASM for High Accuracy applications and the Model 206 for a more price comparable option.

Small Footprint - The Model 205's design offered high performance in a small package.  The sensor is only 1.75" wide and 2" tall, allowing OEMs and test stand engineers to reduce overall design footprint of the end product. The recommended alternative if footprint is your leading specification would be the Model 206.

High Performance Sensor - The Model 205 offers high price-to-performance sensor for measuring absolute pressure.  The recommended alternative to reliably maintain the highest accuracy with strict ranges would be the Model ASM.

Product Specifications

  • Low Price
  • 0.11% FS Accuracy
  • 5 VDC Output
  • High Cycle Life
  • Fast Response
  • Solid One-Piece Stainless Steel Sensor
  • Fast Warm-Up