Environmental Monitoring Package

It is crucial to maintain the environmental conditions in spaces like hospital rooms, cleanrooms, data centers, and other critical spaces. Setra Systems has developed a reliable and accurate environmental monitoring package to suit any critical space. Anchored by our Setra FLEX Environmental Monitor, you can connect any of our sensors (including temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity, particle counters) or most third party sensors to build the environmental monitoring package that best suits your needs.

Setra FLEX is the hub of your environmental monitoring package. Choose from our high accuracy sensors below to complete your package. All the sensors below work directly with Setra FLEX. Setra FLEX also works with most third-party sensors.

Setra Lite™ Visual Pressure Indicator


NEW! View room pressure status at a glance with Setra Lite. Easy to install and communicates to most building management systems.

5000 Series Particle Counter


The 5000 Series Remote Particle Counters are the most feature-advanced remote particle counters available.

SRH 200 Humidity/Temp Sensor


Specially designed for HVAC, the SRH200 sensor by Setra is a cost effective, highly accurate and reliable solution for measuring relative air humidity and temperature.

Velocity Sensor


Setra's Velocity Wand Sensor is designed to be highly accurate and reliable. Plug and play directly to Setra FLEX.

Setra FLEX can also work with many 3rd party sensors that have either BACnet, Modbus, or a digital output.