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Hospital Room Monitoring Solutions

Within hospitals, non-critical spaces like linen storage and emergency departments are often the unsung heroes of patient care, supporting seamless operations and staff efficiency. Monitoring these areas is paramount for ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining a safe environment. Setra offers advanced solutions tailored to address the unique needs of non-critical spaces, empowering hospitals to prioritize safety and well-being throughout their facilities.

Without proper monitoring, hospitals risk falling out of compliance in non-critical areas, leading to unpleasant surprises during audits or inspections. Setra's room monitoring solutions, including the FLEX and LITE models, offer intuitive information and visual cues of potential issues. This empowers healthcare professionals to address non-compliant conditions proactively, mitigating last-minute audit setbacks

non-critical hospital room monitoring
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Setra FLEX Front Straight Closed Green
Setra FLEX™

The Setra FLEX™ is a complete monitoring and control solution in a pre-configured and easy-to-use package.
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Setra Lite™

The Setra Lite™ provides a cost-effective and accurate way to monitor and display room differential pressure without manual verification.
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Setra CEMS™ Software
Access automated reporting and 24/7 data visualization to track and trend both real-time and historical data across critical sensors
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