Model 270

SETRACERAM™ for Barometric, Gauge or Absolute Pressure: Model 270

SETRACERAM™ for Barometric, Gauge or Absolute Pressure

Product Overview

The Model 270 is Setra’s highest performing analog sensor for barometric, absolute and gauge pressure measurements.  Its decades worth of installations have built a reputation of reliability and remains the trusted choice for critical installations.  The ceramic sensor on the 270 delivers high performance; its ±0.03% FS accuracy over a wide temperature range outperforms competitive transducers in the environmental sensing market. The 270 offers multiple options to fit the needs of difficult applications, making it easier to install and gather higher quality data for your project.

High Accuracy for Demanding Applications - The Model 270 pressure transducer is the most accurate analog sensor Setra manufactures. The available 0.03% FS accuracy is perfect for vital installations where precise measurements determine success or failure of the application.

Improved Performance with Ceramic Sensor - The 270 utilizes a variable capacitance sensor that is made using  ceramic material fused together with glass and gold to form the SETRACERAM™ pressure element. This stable material and design offers class leading thermal performance and low hysteresis, allowing integration into demanding installations. The ceramic sensor enables improved performance compared to other stainless steel sensors, enabling the 270 to give accurate measurements and better test results.

Flexibility in Installation - The 270 offers mechanical and electrical options that can be installed into existing applications. These options reduce engineering design time, allowing for earlier project completion.

Prop 65 Notice WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm (For more information go to

NOTICE: Lead is encapsulated in the sensor glass housed inside the product.

Product Specifications

  • High Optional Accuracy: ±0.03% FS
  • Stable Ceramic Sensor
  • Repeatability Within 0.01% FS
  • Excellent Long-Term Stability: 0.1% FS/YR
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Instant Warm-Up
  • Fast Response Time