Airborne Particle Counters

Particle counters are ideal for end-users who operate and maintain controlled environments and are seeking greater control over their spaces. In cleanrooms specified by ISO 14644-1, real-time continuous particle counters can detect potential contamination events before it’s too late to take corrective action. Cleanrooms, pharmaceutical plants, production plants, and even hospitals can benefit from using particle counters.

Setra's Family of Particle Counters
Why are particle counters needed in cleanrooms?

If your cleanroom is already monitoring pressure, temperature, and humidity, why guess when it comes to particles? Have confidence knowing your cleanroom is indeed clean all year long.

In this video, Jonathan explains the benefits of particle counting in places like compounded sterile processing (CSP) pharmacies where drug safety and patient health is at stake.

Selecting the Right Particle Counter

Setra Systems makes particle counters and air quality monitors for many applications. Download our particle counter comparison and selection guide to help choose the correct particle counter for your application.

Particle Counters and USP 797 Compliance

The revisions to USP 797 reflect new science and evidence based on updated guidance documents, best practices, and new learnings. These updates to USP 797 become effective December 1, 2019.

Particle counting is important for maintaining USP 797 compliance. Both viable and non-viable particle counters need to be running in space. Setra's particle counters are non-viable samplers and can provide instant results on particle counts.

Monitoring particle counts with a proper particle counter can keep you compliant with USP 797
Tabletop Network Enabled Particle Counter
Particle Counter Network Communication

When selecting a particle counter, it is necessary to consider what building automation network it can communicate with. Examining the available options helps to ensure the particle counter will connect to your existing network. Setra's particle counters and air quality monitors can communicate locally and can also be easily integrated into a building automation and facility monitoring system with optional Wireless 802.11 b/g, Modbus RS485, or Modbus RS232 connections.

Particle Counting Applications

Explore Critical Environment applications that utilize particle counters to prevent contamination and ensure clean air standards.

Comparison of Particle Sizes

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How small are the particles that Setra’s devices can measure?

Particles are measured in micrometers (0.001 mm), also known as microns (μm). The naked eye can see objects as small as 50 μm, or roughly the thickness of a human hair.

Typical organic particles (e.g. bacteria, mold spores, etc.) range in sizes between 0.5 μm and 10 μm. Setra’s particle counters and air quality monitors can measure particles between 0.3 μm and 25 μm in diameter.

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Featured Products

Handheld Air Particle Counter
8000 Series Handheld Particle Counter

Easy to configure, this particle counter displays up to 6 user-selectable size channels as well as temperature and relative humidity.

Product photo of the 5000 Series AQM Air Quality Monitor
5000 Series Air Quality Monitor (AQM)

This Remote Environmental Monitor measures 0.3 μm to 25 μm particles with mass concentration and stores critical indoor air quality parameters.



 7000 Series Particle Counter

The Setra Systems 7000 Series Remote Particle Counters are the most feature advanced remote particle counters available.