In pharmaceutical manufacturing, environmental control is critical for product quality. Factors that can affect pharmaceutical products include light, temperature, humidity, air movement, microbial contamination, and particulate contamination.

Proper environmental conditions ensure the effectiveness and quality of medications. For example, without accurate and reliable humidity control, medication potency can be compromised, and they can succumb to irreversible product destabilization. Room pressure control is also essential to ensure clean airflow and acceptable airborne particulate counts per cubic meter.

Critical Environments - Cleanrooms - Cleanroom with workers - with Fade L 700x400

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Setra FLEX Front Straight Closed Green
Setra FLEX™

The Setra FLEX™ is a complete monitoring and control solution in a pre-configured and easy-to-use package.
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7000 Series Particle Counter
Particle Counter 7000 Series

The Setra Systems 7000 Series Remote Particle Counters are the most feature advanced remote particle counters available.
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Model SRH300

The Setra Model SRH300 meets the highest requirements in demanding climate control applications.
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