Cleanroom Monitoring System
Setra CEMS™

You're too busy for manual monitoring.
Let CEMS™ do it for you while ensuring your space remains compliant.


CEMS is Real-Time Continuous Environmental Monitoring Software Designed for Cleanrooms

✔ Real-time monitoring & alerts

✔ Customizable alarming & reporting

✔ Secure Data Communication & Storage

✔ Industry leading sensor technology

✔ Validation & Documentation Services (IQ OQ)

✔ Cloud and On-premises software installation

✔ Easily scalable – start with a few sensors and grow to hundreds

✔ Full supported – Setra’s experts are here to guide you

✔ Meets worldwide standards - FDA 21 CFR part 11, GMP, GLP, GxP, GAMP, Joint Commission, USP

Eliminate manual and
error prone data collection

Help protect your
assets and product

FDA Compliant
Environmental Monitoring Software

Cleanroom Monitoring System & Sensors

The Setra Cleanroom Monitoring System will ensure critical spaces maintain optimal performance and meet all regulatory requirements. Setra’s open protocol allows sensors to integrate seamlessly into the CEMS Software for centralized data analysis and storage. Setra’s FLEX monitor provides localized, in-room visual and audible environmental feedback.


A Complete Cleanroom Monitoring Solution

CEMS Network Architecture-1


CEMS™ software can be commissioned with Setra or 3rd party hardware and sensors though a BACnet network, allowing the entire system to be customized for your specific site and needs.


CEMS™ software can be installed securely in the Cloud or on a standalone, on-premises network. Secure Wi-Fi, cellular communication, and Cloud analytics eliminates the need for wiring and browser-based analytics.


Setra will provide superior technical and customer support during and after the installation of CEMS™ software.

"Data is key. CEMS makes it a lot easier to access the data rather than manual checks. Saves us a lot of time and headache too."
- Facilities Engineer, Medical Device Manufacturing Company

Maintain Clean Air in Your Cleanroom

Setra’s remote particle counters let the end user know how their space is performing and communicates that information to CEMS. Know what's happening at the point of concern to ensure environmental conditions.

cems and hardware




Ensure Proper Pressurization

Setra's popular pressure sensors and indicators alert users of any changes to the condition of the cleanroom. If the pressure goes outside of the required range a visual alarm will be present at both the sensor as well as within the CEMS software.

Maintain Ideal Cleanroom Working Conditions

When it is critical to maintain proper temperature and humidity levels in a cleanroom, Setra’s high accuracy temp/humidity sensors create a worry-free environment. Temperature and humidity readings are visible either at the unit or remotely via the CEMS software.





Monitor Any Environmental Parameter

CEMS can process data from almost any sensor that you need in your cleanroom. CEMS is designed to work with 3rd party (non-Setra) sensors. If you are building a new cleanroom or do not have sensors, Setra has complete hardware/software solutions for any cleanroom application and compliance requirement.

Why CEMS - Environmental Monitoring Infographic

"We were looking for one company to provide an all-in-one system. Validation and compliance to regulatory standards
were a must have for us. We started out looking at bigger companies for the best solution package, but found CEMS was the best fit."

- Director of Quality, Medical Device Manufacturing Company

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