The Complete Cleanroom Sensing Solution

The Setra Cleanroom Package will ensure critical spaces maintain optimal performance and comply with regulatory requirements. All of our sensors integrate seamlessly with the FLEX™ Environmental Monitor to provide immediate local feedback and alarming, and can be viewed at a centralized location via the network for trending and compliance.

Setra FLEX Cleanroom Monitor

Maintain Clean Air

flex  particles

FLEX™ + Particle Sensing

Setra’s remote particle counters let the end user know how their space is performing and communicates that information to the FLEX™ Environmental Monitor or to the network. Know whats happening at the point of concern to ensure environmental conditions.

Ensure Proper Pressurization


FLEX™ + Pressure Indicator

The Setra Pressure indicator alerts users of any changes to the condition of the cleanroom. If the pressure goes outside of the required range a visual alarm will be present at both the sensor as well as the FLEX™ Environmental Monitor.

Maintain Working Conditions


FLEX™ + Humidity/Temperature

When its critical to maintain proper temperature and humidity levels in a cleanroom, Setra’s high accuracy sensors create a worry free environment. Temperature and humidity readings are visible either at the unit or via the FLEX™ Environmental Monitor.

Best When Connected

Setra Systems offers a variety of advanced sensing solutions. Our products are designed to stand alone, but they are better when they are connected. Setra FLEX™ is the world's most advanced environmental monitoring solution. You can tie multiple sensors into FLEX™ to monitor multiple parameters all in one place. Learn how a connected environmental monitoring system can save you time and money, while increasing safety and compliance.