Model CTC

 Split Core Current Transducers: Model CTC

Split-Core Current Transducers

Product Overview

CTC Series Split Core Current Transducers combine accurate magnetic current sensing with signal conditioning electronics. They are available in either 24 VDC loop power or self-powered, which means they are easy to install and put into operation. Their self- gripping, compact split core design makes it easy to retrofit into existing equipment.

Each unit has a three position slide switch to select the most suit- able range for the application. The 0 to 5V and 4 to 20 mA output units have 30/60/120 Amp sensing ranges. The 0 to 10 V output units have a 20/100/150 Amp sensing range.


Product Specifications

  • Clamped/Split-Core Design
  • Slide Switch, Selectable Amperage Ranges
  • Snap-On Power Relay
  • Low Cost Solution
  • 24VDC Loop Power or Self-Powered
  • Simple Installation