Setra AIIR Watch

Setra AIIR Watch is an advanced air cleaner designed to be quiet, portable, and effective at neutralizing 99.99% of airborne germs while also increasing air circulation. AIIR Watch has a dual filtration method forcing air through a HEPA filter and by UV light. AIIR Watch is available as an air purifier re-circulator or as a negative pressure generating machine for isolation space applications.


AIIR Watch™ Portable HEPA/UV Negative Pressure Machine



Create Negative Pressure
Isolation Anywhere

Portable and Powerful
at 350 CFM

Generate 15 ACH
at only 58 dBA

AIIR Watch™ Portable HEPA/UV
Air Purifier

aiir-watch-uv-hepa-air-purifier (discontinued) 

HEPA Filtration plus
UV-C Light Sterilization

>99.99% Effective on
Virus & Bacteria

>99.8% Reduction in
Harmful Air Particles

Negative Pressure Isolation spaces are key to protecting everyone outside the isolation space by keeping airborne contaminates from escaping. The Setra AIIR Watch is the simple, effective way to create negative pressure and generate 15 Air Changes per Hour in a 1400ft³ space- meaning the entire volume of air in the space would change over every 4 minutes!

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Isolation Room Diagram with Negative Pressure Machine


Air Particles With and Without AIIR Watch

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The Setra AIIR Watch is proven by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) to be 99.99% effective at neutralizing viruses and bacteria. Plus advanced Particle Count testing is shown to reduce harmful particles in the air by >99.8% in minutes. Comprehensive air purification and significantly increased air circulation, 15 Air Changes per Hour in a Standard Office, with the compact and quiet AIIR Watch.

Trusted in Schools, Dentist Offices, Long-Term Care Facilities, and Hospitals

The Setra AIIR Watch is trusted by organizations and businesses across the globe. From hair salons to schools and long-term care homes, AIIR Watch is used to help keep customers, students, patients, and staff safe.

"We were looking for a way to have that space as safe as possible and that is why we reached out to you folks. The AIIR Watch unit has provided additional peace of mind. We cannot thank Setra enough for assisting us with making sure our (school nurse's office) isolation room is safe."
- Stephanie Arzigian, SEEM Middle School