Setra AIIR Watch Air Purifier

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Generate Safe Air in Your Space

The Setra AIIR Watch is the versatile solution for creating safer spaces through increased clean air circulation. With the ability to generate flow of 350 CFM, 15 Air Changes per Hour in a Standard office space (1400 ft³), the AIIR Watch Purifier is powerful and effective.

The Setra AIIR Watch is quiet and compact, and can be easily brought into rooms to filter and cleanse the space of airborne infections. This advanced air purifier uses a combination of HEPA filtration and UV light to trap and neutralize airborne containments with a 99.99% effectiveness rating verified via independent third party lab results.

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Product description

Setra AIIR Watch is easy to set up and use. Place the unit inside the room and turn it on to begin the flow of sterilized air re-circulating into the space. The unit plugs into a standard power outlet and includes filter status and UVC bulb life status indication on the unit itself via a simple red/yellow/green light ring.

Proven to drastically reduce particulate contaminates via recirculation of sterilized air, the Setra AIIR Watch improves air quality in minutes and maintains it throughout operation.

AIIR Watch is perfect for schools, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals, dentist offices, and any commercial or healthcare space that needs safe, reliable, and portable air purification.

Tested with Setra's most advanced Particle Counters, typically used in Pharmaceutical Clean Room applications, the AIIR Watch showed a 99.83% drop in PM2.5 (dust and allergen particles) and a 99.84% drop in PM0.5 (smog, germs, and bacteria) during actual tests. In addition the Setra AIIR Watch's powerful sterilization technique of HEPA filtration and UV-C light has been proven to trap and neutralize viruses and bacteria with 99.99% effectiveness as verified by a third party, nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL).

Air Particles With and Without AIIR Watch

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Features & Benefits
  • Compact Size (18" x 18.5" x 25")
  • Portable with Locking Casters
  • Easy Installation
  • Quiet (55-58 dBA)
  • Instant Visual Filter Clog Alert
  • Self Contained Unit with True HEPA Filter and UV-C, Sanitizes Air by Neutralizing Up to 99.99% of Virus & Bacteria
  • Classrooms and school nurses offices
  • Long-term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes
  • Doctor offices or Dentist offices
  • Salons and Spas
  • Any professional or Healthcare space looking to help keep customers/patients safe