Power Squad 24


Multi-Circuit Power Meter

Product Overview

The Power Squad 24 is a versatile, multi-channel (CT) instrument.  The modular design allows it to be configured for monitoring multiple electrical circuits (sharing a common voltage source) or for current-only monitoring of branch circuits. It can be supplied with virtually any combination of Setra’s internally-shunted split-core or Power Flex CTs and is capable of monitoring up to 8 three-phase or 24 single- phase electrical devices.

Versatility - The Power Squad 24 works with either Rogowski Coil “flex” CTs or conventional split-core CTs. The ability to have interchangeable CTs gives added flexibility for last minute changes at the job site. All Setra CTs are internally shunted and carry either UL or ETL certification as well as the CE Mark. Every Power Squad 24 is embedded with the necessary amplifier/integrator circuitry for Rogowski coil CTs— eliminating the need to provide external power to these flexible CTs.

Easy Installation - The Power Squad 24 series instruments are line-powered and do not require external power. Its power supply can accommodate service voltages ranging from 80-600V (phaseto- phase). The Power Squad 24’s flexibility, and ease-of-use make it the ideal solution for commercial, industrial, government, and retail applications.

Field Selectable Communications - Each Power Squad 24 comes with a field selectable Modbus or BACnet communication. Communications interface to the Power Squad 24 is through either an RS-485 serial connection (BACnet MS/TP / Modbus) or over Ethernet (BACnet IP / Modbus TCP).


Product Specifications

  • Rogowski Coil and Split Core CT Compatible
  • Broadband Power Supply (80-600V)
  • Field Selectable BACnet/Modbus (4-in-1)
  • Data Updated Occur Every 1 Second
  • Bidirectional