Model CSS

Model CSS

Solid-Core Current Switch

Product Overview

The CSS models are ideal for new installations and provide the greatest savings opportunity. Ideal for direct drive units, small exhaust fans, and other fixed loads, these solid state switches have accurate, very low fixed or user adjustable setpoints, which are activated when the desired amperage is reached. The adjustable CSSGA2100NN and CSSGA2100R1 units have LED’s, which indicate switch status. (User can also adjust the setpoint for over or under loads.) Excitation is magnetically induced from current carrying conductor (wire or cable), making these units completely self-powered.

The CSS Series, solid core, current switch’s convenient wide orifice allows easy pass through of the conductor, and is bundled with a mounting bracket and hardware, making installation easy.


Product Specifications

  • Solid Core Design
  • Adjustable Switch Setpoints
  • Switch LED Indication
  • Relay LED Indication
  • Snap-On Power Relay
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Self-Powered
  • Simple Installation
  • Accurate Fixed Setpoint Models, No Guessing at Switchover Current