Model CSC

Model CSC

Split-Core Current Switch

Product Overview

A significant increase or decrease in operating current may result in motor belt loss, slippage, or mechanical failure, which could jeopardize the user’s process. The split core design of the Model CSC is an ideal solution, as it can easily be clamped onto existing power cables or wires. These units are offered with industry standard 135 Amp or 200 Amp output and very low fixed or adjustable setpoints, which are activated when the desired amperage is reached. Model CSCGA2125NN and CSCGA2125R1 include LEDs for indication of switch status. (Setpoint can be adjusted for over or under loads.)

Product Specifications

  • Adjustable Switch Setpoints
  • Switch LED Indication
  • Relay LED Indication
  • Over/Under Current Sensing
  • Snap-On Power Relay
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Self-Powered
  • Simple Installation
  • Accurate Fixed Setpoint Models, No Guessing at Switchover Current