Rising Regulations Demand More Submetering

Compliance with regulatory bodies is essential to operate businesses, maintain tenants, and stay within the bounds of the law for local, state, and federal level for many industries. One common area of focus is around Energy. Reducing energy, lowering greenhouse emissions, and reducing carbon footprints are ways of meeting and exceeding sustainability initiatives across the globe. Employing an energy management strategy with highly accurate power meters is one way to track where energy is going and implement corrective actions to improve the planet.


Submetering Simplified

ashre-logoASHRAE 90.1

ASHRAE 90.1 is a standard for measuring energy in commercial buildings. It covers many aspects of energy management, such as total consumption, HVAC and lighting systems, and individual circuits. For buildings over 10,000 square feet, with or without tenants, it is necessary to have multi-load branch energy monitoring equipment.

There are many conditions that need to be met to fully comply with the ASHRAE 90.1 standard, but at the heart of the energy monitoring section of the standard is Chapter Monitoring section requires the monitoring of each of the following separately: Total energy consumption for the entire building, HVAC systems, Interior lighting, Exterior lighting as well as receptacle circuits.  Multi-load meters enable a cost effective solution to meeting this chapter in particular.

iso-50001-energy-managementISO 50001

ISO 50001 is a voluntary standard that provides the guidance and framework for organizations to support their sustainability goals and reduce the overall impact on the environment through energy conservation.

The six key parts of the standard focus on:

  • Policy for using energy more efficiently
  • Establishing targets and objectives to comply with the policy
  • Taking the data and finding was to use it effectively to make changes
  • Measure the impact of the actions
  • Continuous review the effectivity of the policy
  • Always be improving energy management

Power meters are a simple and effective way to support an ISO 50001 strategy and give building owners, employees, tenants, and managers the data they need to create a safe and sustainable work and living environment.


Setra Power Meter


Available in 3, 12, and 48 load options. The Power Meter from Setra is a networked revenue-grade power meter built on a versatile and powerful platform designed to meet the high demands for any submetering application.

Patrol Flex Coil


Offered in 12”, 24” and 36” lengths, the Patrol Flex Coil is the most accurate Rogowski Coil in submetering.

UL 2808 Split-Core CTs


Setra’s Split-Core current transformers provide a high accuracy current measurement over a wide dynamic sensing range for power metering applications. UL 2808 Certified


Quick & Easy Configuration via Setra Web Portal
  • Setup before getting to the jobsite using USB
  • Eliminate PPE, no need for setup in live enclosure
  • Clone meter setup to speed up next meter configuration
  • Download data for analysis or record keeping





With so many to pick from, choose the one that makes it easy
  • Only three Power Meter SKU’s to choose from
  • Every meter measures up to 600 VAC
  • Easy to stock & quick delivery
  • Patrol Flex CT’s take the guesswork out of amperage

Rethink the Way Metering is Done

Whether called Multi-Load, Multi Circuit, Multi Channel or even Branch Circuit energy metering, Setra’s line of power meters lower the cost per metering point and measures with more granularity than other metering solutions on the market.​

  • Measure two different service levels with Dual Voltage inputs on the 12 or 48 Load meters)​
  • Any combination of single, dual, or three-phase loads up to the CT count of the meter​
  • Intuitively configure any application with on-board configuration portal

Measure More... For Less



Selecting a Solution
as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Identify what's going to be metered


Look across the installation and identify the equipment that are to be measured to support energy strategy

Examples: Chillers, Lighting, AHU’s, Tenant Usage


Count up how many CT’s are needed


Match the CT amperage to the breaker feeding the load or use Patrol Flex Coils (up to 1500A)

Single-Phase Service = 1CT
Split-Phase Service = 2 CT’s
Three Phase Service= 3 CT’s


Select Meter Part Number


Take the CT count and select the meter with the right number by matching the CT’s with available inputs

SPM03EDN = 3 CT inputs
SPM12EDN = 12 CT inputs
SPM48EDN = 48 CT inputs

Looking for guidance? Let us help you get started.