Room Pressure Monitors for Long Term Facilities

Setra Systems has a wide range of room pressure monitors for long term care facilities. Due to the threat of COVID-19, facilities managers are looking for ways to help keep patients and staff safe if an illness breaks out. Negatively pressurizing a space by exhausting and filtering air can help prevent virus spread from the isolation area. Setra's room pressure monitors can ensure that any room is staying negatively pressurized.

Dental office that is being negatively pressurized

Setra Lite Room Pressure Indicator


Setra Lite™ Room Pressure Indicator

Setra Lite™ is our most popular room pressure monitor for long term care facilities. It is affordable and simple to set up and use. Installation is minimal and the unit will fit in a standard single-gang electric box. Quick mount kits are also available for temporary solutions or for rapid installation. For the quick mount kit all you have to do is plug the unit in a standard power outlet, drill a small hole through the the wall for the air tube, and drill a single screw in the wall for the mount. Installation can be done in under 10 minutes. The simple led light ring will indicate if the room is negatively pressurized.

Setra Flex Room Negative Pressure Monitor for Dental Offices


Setra FLEX™ Environmental Monitor

For the ultimate insight into your isolation space conditions, consider Setra Flex™. Setra Flex can serve as a standalone room pressure monitor, but can also alarm based on other sensors including temperature, humidity, particle counts, door status, motion, and more. We would recommend Setra Flex to long term care facilities who may want to monitor multiple rooms.

Setra SRPM Negative Room Pressure Monitor


Setra SRPM

The Setra SRPM is our tried and true room pressure monitor. The SRPM has been trusted in hospital isolation rooms and operating rooms for years. The simplicity and reliability of the SRPM makes it a great choice for long term care facilities looking for negative room pressure monitoring. 



cems and hardware


Setra CEMS™

Continuous Environmental Monitoring System

Setra’s CEMS™ software gathers all of your environmental monitoring activities in one central location that is user friendly and accessible 24/7 from any internet enabled device. CEMS™ software is easily scalable for both large and small applications, whether it be hundreds of patient rooms across multiple building locations or smaller facilities with fewer than 10 rooms in one location. Intelligent alarms via SMS text and/or email notify the appropriate personnel of a change in the environment the second it happens to help keep themselves, patients, and staff safe.

Why Long Term Care Facilities Trust Setra


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