Test & Measurement Applications

Use of Pressure Transducers in Engine Testing Applications –Setra™ Pressure is a big part of engine testing and automotive component manufacturing. That's why you'll find Setra pressure transducers at work in the following applications:

Engine Testing
  • Verify turbo-jet and turbo-fan aircraft engines meet certification standards
  • Engine pressure ratio (EPR) measurement
Engine Control
  • Advanced electronic systems for turbocharged gasoline and diesel truck engines
  • Measure fuel, oil, exhaust and turbo boost pressure
  • Barometric and differential pressure transducers to determine mass airflow
Gas Turbines
  • Pressure data for gas turbine engines, aircraft auxiliary power engines, and automotive engines
Diesel Engines
  • Performance analysis of the various diesel engine parts
  • Determine horsepower, fuel consumption and turbo efficiency, coolant lubrication, and fuel system operation

Pressure Transducers

  • AccuSense Model ASL

    AccuSense™ Model ASL

    High accuracy, low-differential pressure transducer for air or other clean gases.

  • Pressure Transducer: AccuSense™ Model ASM

    AccuSense™ Model ASM

    High accuracy for corrosive liquids or gases - gauge, vacuum and absolute pressures

  • 239

    Model 239

    High accuracy, low range pressure w/ fast response and warmup times

  • Absolute Pressure Sensor: Model 204 - Setra™

    Model 204

    High accuracy for corrosive liquids or gases - gauge, vacuum and absolute pressures

  • 204D

    Model 204D

    High accuracy differential pressure - positive (liquids) and reference (dry non-corrosive gas)

  • 141

    Model 141

    High output, linear accelerometer measures vibration, shock and impact

  • Pressure Transducer: Model 205-2 - Setra™

    Model 205-2

    Pressure transducer for corrosive liquids or gases – gauge and absolute PSI ranges