Semiconductor Applications

Applications of Pressure Transducers in Semiconductor Industry – Setra™ For more than 20 years Setra pressure transducers have been handling a variety of critical jobs in the semiconductor industry. Setra's pressure transducers can be found throughout the GDS system from distribution of the bulk gases and specialty gases to the process tool, where submicron fabrication of semiconductor integrated circuits takes place.

Known for their high accuracy, Setra’s pressure transducer stability and reliability have made them valuable to applications such as:

  • In situ process pressure measurement
  • Pressure measurement of purge gas delivery systems
  • Load-lock pressure measurement and control
  • Clean room air control
  • Leak detection
  • Fume hood controls
  • Laser interferometers
  • Solar & Energy

Pressure Transducers

  • 760

    Model 760 Vactron™ Series

    Capacitance manometer, great thermal stability, EMI/RFI performance, low cost, compact

  • Pressure Transducer: Model 217  - Setra™

    Model 217

    UHP, gauge, compound or absolute PSI and Bar ranges for modular gas sticks

  • Pressure Transducer: Model 223  - Setra™

    Model 223

    UHP flow-though, gauge, compound or absolute PSI and Bar ranges w/ EMI/RFI immunity

  • Pressure Transducer: Model 224 - Setra™

    Model 224

    UHP flow-through, EMI/RFI immunity, optional UL 1604 and ATEX 94/9/EC approval

  • Pressure Transducer: Model 225 - Setra™

    Model 225

    UHP, gauge, compound or absolute PSI and Bar ranges w/EMI/RFI immunity

  • Pressure Transducer: Model 227  - Setra™

    Model 227

    UHP, 1 1/8” downmount, EMI/RFI immunity, optional UL 1604 and ATEX 94/9/ECUHP

  • LD330

    Model 330

    Local display, inline installation, low power consumption, selectable engineering units

  • Model 328

    Model 328

    1 1/8” micro-display, 360° rotating face, for use in high-density modular gas sticks

  • CWS 321

    Model CWS 321

    Weighs gas cylinders to within 0.10%, reduces gas replacement costs and shutdown