Measuring Barometric Pressure

Setra's high accuracy barometric pressure transducers are used in applications ranging from weather stations and soil testing to monitoring pressure in high altitude research balloons.

The Federal Aviation Administration relies on Setra to measure local barometric pressure in their Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS), which are used to monitor changing weather conditions and provide continually updated information for aircraft pilots. Extraordinary accuracy, low thermal error, and excellent stability make Setra's barometric pressure sensors and digital barometers ideal for these demanding applications.

Accurate barometric pressure measurement readings are critical to applications such as Digital Altimeter Setting Indicators (DASI). Some of Setra's digital pressure transducers such as the Model 470 and 370 can report a variety of altitude measurements. They may be used as altimeter calibrators, standard altimeters, a true corrected altimeter (self-corrected or remote), or as a relative altimeter. They may also be used to indicate small relative changes in altitude.

Setra's barometric pressure transducers are also used on data buoys. The NDBC uses Model 370 barometers on all weather buoys and coastal weather stations that have VEEP, MARS or ARES electronic data acquisition systems installed.