Barometric Pressure Applications

Pressure Transducers Used in  Barometric Applications - Setra™Pressure is a vital part of our environment. That is why wherever you look in meteorology you'll find Setra's barometric transducers. Setra's high accuracy barometric transducers are used for aircraft altimeter verification, lab and product process monitoring, altitude chambers, pressure transfer standard, and automated weather stations. Extraordinary accuracy and low thermal error make Setra's barometric pressure sensors and digital barometers ideal for these demanding applications.

Barometric Pressure Transducers

  • Barometric Gauge: Model 270 - Setra™

    Model 270

    Setraceram™ barometric, gauge or absolute pressure for non-condensing air or gas

  • Model 276 Barometric and Absolute Pressure Sensor – Setra™

    Model 276

    Setraceram™ low cost, superior performance barometric and absolute pressure

  • Model 278 Barometric Pressure Sensor – Setra™

    Model 278

    Reliable barometric pressure w/ excellent accuracy, dynamic response, long-term stability

  • Digital Pressure Gauge: Model 370 - Setra™

    Model 370

    Digital Pressure Gauge - 6-digit LCD, numeric keypad, unit conversion, hi/lo alarms

  • Digital Pressure Gauge: Model 470 - Setra™

    Model 470

    High performance featuring min/max tracking, hi/lo alarms, non-linear functions, calibration