Danaher Corporation is building a premier global enterprise. We are committed to building our enterprise with integrity, and we have a reputation for dealing honestly and fairly with our investors, business partners, customers, associates and competitors. Our commitment to integrity and our reputation is the foundation for Danaher’s success - your integrity as a Danaher associate is indeed our success.

Danaher’s continued success depends on making sure our associates conduct business with integrity and in full compliance with the laws that apply to us, as well as our Standards of Conduct (SOC) and operating policies and procedures. That’s why your voice is so important; we rely on you to speak up if you know of conduct that may compromise our SOC or violate the laws under which we operate. When it comes to integrity and compliance, silence doesn’t help us–it hurts. When you speak up, you help us correct potential problems for Danaher.

To help you speak up, Danaher has provided this website for you to report your concern. In submitting a report, we strongly encourage you to identify yourself and to provide as much detail as possible regarding your allegation, although you may submit reports anonymously if you choose. To submit a report, or to follow up on a report already submitted, please select from the links below. You will also find a link to Danaher’s SOC. Your report will be handled promptly. Be assured that you will not be retaliated against or punished in any way for reporting your concern, submitted in good faith.