COVID-19 Isolation Room Solution for LTC Facilities

Being able to safely isolate a COVID positive resident is key to reducing the risk to other residents and staff. With the AIIR Watch, negative pressure isolation rooms can be easily set up without costly and invasive HVAC renovations. Learn why Long-Term Care Facilities have come to love AIIR Watch while saving tens of thousands of dollars by not having to retrofit their HVAC system.

Affordable Air Purification & Negative Pressure Solutions

Setra has solutions for long-term care facilities to quickly and affordably provide negative pressure and air purification. AIIR Watch™ is a portable (about the size of two microwaves), durable, quiet, and effective negative pressure machine that also can work as an air purifier. Utilizing UVC and HEPA, AIIR Watch has been verified to neutralize 99.99% of airborne viruses as verified by a third-party, independent lab. Learn why long-term care facilities across the country have trusted AIIR Watch as an affordable solution to keep patients, staff, and visitors safe from COVID-19.

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Sneak Peak:
"Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the residents of long-term care facilities, senior living communities, and nursing homes have been one of the most at risk and impacted populations. With many at risk people living in single buildings or communities, as soon as one person becomes infected with COVID-19 the likelihood of spreading the disease among the community increases. Because COVID-19 is an airborne infection, understanding how to properly isolate an infected person from others around them can help increase the safety and reduce the risk of spreading the disease among the entire community of residents, visitors, and staff...." read more...

AIIR Watch™ Negative Pressure Air Cleaner

Setra AIIR Watch is an advanced air cleaner designed to be quiet, portable, and effective at killing 99.9% of airborne germs while also increasing air circulation.

AIIR Watch has a dual filtration method forcing air through a HEPA filter and by UV light. AIIR Watch is available as an air purifier re-circulator or as a negative pressure generating machine for isolation space applications.



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