Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Applications

Ultra low Pressure Transducers For Pharmaceutical Applications - Setra Pharmaceutical companies maintain superior production methods that require flawless operation of its transducers, autoclaves, and pressure indicators as well as the reliability of clean areas and production areas.

The ramifications of instruments that are not properly operating and calibrated can be dramatic and could result in a product recall. If the room or production process pressures are not calibrated correctly, it would definitely impact the end product. Setra's high accuracy pressure transducers, which measure pressures and flows at greater resolutions, are designed specifically to meet the high functioning requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

These facilities can have as many as 500 pressure transducers on line at one time. To keep these units functioning flawlessly and maintaining certification, Setra's Ultra-Low Pressure Documenting Calibrators have been specifically designed to meet the needs of this critical environment.

Low Pressure Calibrators

  • Model 869

    Model 869

    Ultra-low pressure generating and documenting calibrator, NASA-patented technology

  • Model 869 Expert SystemPressure Calibrator - Setra™

    Model 869 Expert System

    Reduces cal. time by up to 90%, secure EPIC interface w/ models 269 and SRPM

Pressure Transducers