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Particle Counter Solutions for your Cleanroom Needs

Small particles that cannot be perceived by the human eye can cause contamination in cleanrooms. It is critical to keep these particles at a minimum. Particle counters allow cleanroom personnel to monitor the cleanliness of the room and quickly identify sources of potential particle contamination. Particle counters keep cleanrooms clean and safe while decreasing downtime and ensuring compliance.


Available Models:

  • Handheld

  • Wall mount

  • Benchtop 

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WHY Choose Setra

Regardless if your application has existing hardware installed or if you are building a new facility, CEMS can provide continuous environmental monitoring of your critical parameters

  • Comprehensive, Compatible Range Application Versatility

From cost-effective remote particle counters with external pumps to sophisticated multi-channel Air Quality Monitors, Setra has the devices to meet your application needs.

  • Unmatched Communications Capabilities

Wired or wireless, BACnet, Modbus, TCP and web-service enabled, Setra Particle counters provide straightforward integration with other facility systems such as BMS, LIMS, PLC and MES platforms.

  • Intuitive User Interface, Unique Features

Enhanced user productivity is provided through rich graphical data representations and exclusive capabilities such as the Real-Time Meter able to trace potential contamination threats to their source.

  • Highest Industry Performance

Setra’s patented Intelligent Module Architecture utilizes multiprocessing to optimize sub-system functionality delivering superior instrument performance.

  • Compatible with Setra CEMS

Easily aggregate particle counts and complementary environmental data sources into Setra CEMS secure, cloud-based monitoring, reporting, alarm and record management system.

  • Maximize Asset Availability and Understanding

Avoid unplanned downtime and be permanently audit-ready. Gain deep insights to critical space performance characteristics to predict and avert costly environmental parameter excursions.

Monitor your particle levels

Setra's particle counters have been optimized for use in cleanroom environments. Setra has worked with many cleanroom managers to make their spaces compliant with current ISO standards. Setra's team can design completely automated monitoring solutions for the highest level of control to fit any budget or need. In addition to ISO Certification, particle counters may be used for particulate source investigation, air filter testing, air quality compliance, and general manufacturing quality control. We offer Handheld, Remote with Internal Pump (0.1 CFM), Remote (0.1 CFM and 1.0 CFM) among other options.