How to Select the Best Pressure Transducer for Industrial Applications

sample-cover-how-to-selectWhat's inside this whitepaper:

  • Why using the wrong type of pressure transducer for an application is the most common reason for transducer failure
  • The 6 primary considerations for selecting the best pressure transducer for your applications
  • The top 3 design considerations for selecting a pressure transducer
  • Additional resources, including definitions and terminology, a corrosion resistance table, how to select multi-range pressure sensors, and more.

Every application is different. What's the best pressure transducer for your application? Let us help...

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About Setra

Founded by former professors of Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Setra has been designing and manufacturing sensor instruments and products since 1967.  Our specialty is in pressure and sensing in a wide range of markets including HVAC/R building automation, pharmaceutical, energy, medical sterilization, industrial OEM, test & measurement, meteorology and semiconductor.  .

Setra Creates Solutions

  • Over 40 years of expertise in sensing and sensing applications
  • R&D and Design Engineering focused providing application solutions
  • Sensors cover a wide range of pressure ranges with unique expertise in low pressures
  • Sales and manufacturing in the United States, Europe, and Asia for fast solutions and products
SRIM - Room Isolation Monitor

The new low cost room pressure monitor is ideal for pharmaceutical applications or where a central BAS is not installed
MRMS - Multi-Room Monitoring Station

Easy to setup AutoDiscoer feature allows for monitoring of up to eight (8) rooms (using SRCM/SRPM) with one (1) centralized device over BACnet
SRMD - Remote Measurement Display

View temperature, humidity, pressure or a user defined parameter with the single or dual LCD model.


  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environments
  • Critical Environments
  • Vivariums
Setra's capacitive sensor technology is ideal for critical applications due to its long term stability and accuracy at low differential pressures.  The combination of Setra's touch screen displays and industry leading sensing technology make Setra the perfect engineered solution to maintaining any critical environment.
The integrity of the ventilation control system is essential in maintaining a contaminant free environment.  Whether a room is to be maintained at a negative pressure to prevent contaminants from escaping into adjacent areas or positive pressure to protent patients from outside non-sterile air, the proper pressurization of a room is essential.

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