In Critical Environments, proper room pressurization is essential which is why selecting the right equipment is so important. 

Setra has nearly 50 years of experience in critical applications, so we understand how important it is to deliver superior quality. With over 10 million installed worldwide, Setra's pressure transducers are the standard in the HVAC/R industry. 

Design engineers have made "Setras" the largest installed sensor base in the industry because of their superior performance and reliability. In specifying differential pressure's for critical environments, it is not a question of the best instrument but rather which instrument will perform best for the specific application. 

Setra's variable capacitance technology is based on a "stretched diaphragm" design, where the sensor is squashed and the diaphragm is radially tensioned, providing the highest accuracy at very low pressures and unmatched long term stability. With Setra's wide variety of room pressure monitors there is virtually no application we can't accommodate. 

Whether you need a premium product that is BACnet capable or a less sophisticated but still effective analog product, we've got you covered.  Setra's line of room pressure monitors not only measure and monitor positive or negative room pressure, temperature and humidity but also report the condition of the room as occupied or unoccupied. 

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