Model 206


Industrial Pressure Transducer

Product Overview

The Model 206 industrial pressure transducer is one of the most rugged and reliable sensors available. These transducers prove to be superior to competitive brands and technologies in application field testing.

The capacitive design exhibits resistance to environmental effects such as shock, vibration, temperature and EMI/ RFI. The Model 206 also meets NEMA-4 and IP65 environmental protection ratings.

With a highly accurate stainless steel capacitive sensor design and custom ASIC based circuit, the Model 206 maintains a high level of performance and accommodates a variety of pressure fittings & electrical connector options.

Product Specifications

  • Solid Stability for Confident Installations
  • Exceptional EMI/RFI Performance Prevents False Shutdown
  • NEMA-4/IP65 Certified for Use in Harsh Environments 
  • Rugged Design Withstands High Shock/Vibration Applications
  • Versatile Package Design Provides JIT Delivery
  • User Accessible Zero and Span Adjustment